ABM Ali’s Abode





1.1. Building Entrance and Boundary wall

  • Secured decorative gate with gate light as per the elevation and perspective view of the building.
  • Name of the Project with address, Company name and logo on attractive product. (Nomenclature)
  • Comfortable & functional internal driveway.
  • Attractive Personal mailboxes.
  • Adequate Light Fittings above the driveway up to reception area.
  • Boundary wall should be architecturally designed.
  • Drivers waiting space.


     1.2. Reception Lobby

  • Impressive Reception desk with marble top.
  • Mirror polish tiles floor in the reception area (imported) Size 24”x24”.


  • Adequate Light Fittings.
  • Reception lobby shall be decorated.


     1.3. Lift

  • 100% imported international standard lift of 8 (eight) persons (Mitsubishi Thailand/ LGS Korea) emergency alarm, calling facilities etc.
  • AC-VVVF control panel with an answer speaker.
  • Adequate Lighting and fan.
  • Fast & reliable service to residents on all floors.
  • Impressive cabin of stainless steel.


     1.4. Lift lobbies & staircases

  • Spacious lift lobby in each floor.
  • Mirror polish (24”x24”) floor tiles in all lift lobbies (Origin China or Equivalent).


  • Nosing homogenous tiles in steps except border tiles (RAK ceramics or Equivalent).
  • Stair along with wooden/stainless steel railing.
  • Mirror polish tiles in all other lift walls (origin China or Equivalent).


1.5. Cable TV provision

Provision for connection of satellite dish antenna with multi-channel capacity from the commercial cable TV operator  provision for M.Bed ,Living & Family Living  rooms.


      1.6. Generator

  • 60 KVA capacity international standard auto generator (ATS) with canopy (Perkins/Greaves Cotton)
  • The generator will cover lift, pumps, common lights, all light and fans at each apartment except all Power points.


              1.7. Water Pumps.

           German Origin 2 HP Wilo or Equivalent with one standby.




     1.8. Roof Top

  • Protective parapet wall as per architectural design
  • 4” thick Lime Terracing to protect from overheating
  • Designed sitting arrangement, plantation and cloth stands at roof top
  • Bar-BQ facility


  • Intercom

(i)To connect each apartment to the concierge Desk, Caretaker’s room, Driver’s room and Guard Post.




  • Reserved car parking in covered Ground floor for Residents with comfortable Driveways.
  • Electricity supply approx. 220V/440V from DESCO source with exclusive sub-station 100 KVA complete with earthling (Integra / Encon / EEC/Equivalent.
  • Water supply connection from WASA sufficient as per total calculated consumption.
  • Underground Water Reservoir of adequate size.
  • Sewerage system planned for long-term requirement.
  • Gas pipeline connection from TITAS connection (if government allows).
  • Termite protection treatment of Ground.
  • One Fire Extinguisher each at all floors and one in car parking area.




(i)    Total Foundation and superstructure design and supervision by a team of reputed and professional design Engineers.

(ii)   Structural Design parameters based on Bangladesh National Building CODE (BNBC).

(iii)  Structural Analysis for Design utilizes the latest Methodology.

(iv)  Heavy Reinforced Cement Concrete foundation.

(v)   Systematic Structural Combination of steel reinforced concrete frame and shear wall core.

(vi)  Floor Slabs all reinforced Cement concrete.

(vii) Sub-soil investigation and soil composition comprehensively analyzed.

(viii) Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional Design and supervising Engineers.

(ix)  All Structural Materials including Rod and Stone, Cement, Bricks, Sylhet Sand and other Aggregates etc. of highest available standard and screened for quality.

(x) Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified Civil Engineers to ensure Highest Quality of workmanship.

(xi)  Construction site Equipment employed includes Vibio-hammers, Mechanical Rollers, Steel cutting & Concrete Vibrators, Water Pumps, Materials handing equipment, Leveling instruments Theodolite etc.

(xii) Systematic Testing of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage from BUET quality control Laboratories and a copy of all test results should be submitted to the LAND OWNER.

(xiii) Protection from cyclone winds up to prevalent speeds incorporated in structure design.

(xiv) Structure designed to withstanding Earthquakes of prevalent intensity.







4.1. Doors

(i)   Decorative main entrance door shutter with (Chittagong teak or imported).

  • Door Guard
  • Check Viewer
  • Calling bell Switch of good quality
  • Solid Brass Door Knocker
  • Apartment Number in Brass/Crafted.
  • Imported handle lock (Italy) operative from both sides.

(ii)  Main entrance door frame of Chittagong Teak.

(iii) Internal all door frames of Teak Chambal.

(iv) Internal all door shutters of strong and durable teak Veneer flush door.

(v)  Internal doors with cylindrical lock.


             4.2. Windows

(i)   Sliding Windows as per Architectural Design of the building

(ii)  5mm thickness clear glass/tinted with mohair lining.

(iii) Rain water barrier in 4” Aluminum Sections

(iv) Safety Grill in all windows.

(v)  Mosquito net in all windows.          


            4.3. Walls

              (i)   Good Quality 1st class bricks (Machine made burnt bricks)

              (ii)   Smooth Finish Walls

              (iii)  Exterior wall thickness will be 10”

             (iv)  Toilet and internal wall thickness will be 5”

              (v)    Below ground weatherproof RCC


             4.4. Floor & Verandah

             (i) 24”x 24” size mirror polish glazed floor tiles (Origin China or Equivalent)              

             (ii) 4” skirting matching floor tiles

             (iii) Railing suitable to the architectural design


              4.5. Painting & polishing

               (i) Plastic paint in all internal walls and ceilings in soft colors (Berger)

               (ii) French polished Doorframe & Shutters.

               (iii) Synthetic enamel paints on grills, verandah railing as per architectural design

               (iv) Exterior Wall will be weather coat paint of Berger

                (v) All bathrooms and verandah doors would be lacquer polish


              4.6. Electrical

                (i) Schneider (France) brand MK type imported electrical                        switches, plug points and other fittings.

                (ii) All power outlets with earthling connection.

                (iii) Provision for air-condition in all bedrooms (except servants                  room), dining & living.

                (iv)Verandahs with suitable light points.

                (v)  Electrical distribution box with Circuit breaker                                     (Schneider / MK).

                (vi) Imported light fixtures in stairs and lobby.



 4.7. Bath Rooms

  • Essential correct Uniform Floor Slope towards Water Outlet.
  • Cotto brand sanitary wares in all bathrooms (except maid’s toilet)


       (iii) Matching wall tiles in all bathrooms (China/Equivalent) up to                false ceiling

        (iv) Imported Mirror polish floor tiles (China/Equivalent).

  1. V) Cabinet Basin of Cotto brand in all Math Bath with Marble top.
  2. vi) All mirrors in bathrooms with overhead lamp provision

         (Vii)Good quality chrome plated fittings (Cotto/Equivalent).  

          (viii) Porcelain soap cases and towel rails (RAK/Equivalent).

           (ix) Local tiles on floor and wall up to 7 feet in maids bath with long             pan and lowdown.(RAK Tiles .                                                                                                

            (x) Bathtub in master bath room.


              (xi) Cat doors will be of wooden shutter with louver system.

              (xii) Provision for concealed hot and cold water lines in all bath                    except servants toilet.


             4.8. Kitchen

   (i)   Impressively designed platform with Granite worktop.

   (ii)  Double burner gas outlet provision upon platform

   (iii) Good quality wall tiles up to 7’ height (China/Equivalent) .         


   (iv) Matching floor tiles including kitchen verandah (China/Equivalent).    


   (v)  Concealed hot & cold water lines

   (vi) One stainless counter top double bowl steel sink.

  (vii) Suitable located exhaust fan provision


4.9. Utility Lines

(i)   Electricity supply will be with individual meter for each Apartment 

(ii)  Gas supply will be of individual Apartment-wise as per government order.

(iii) Water supply will have common meter connection for the project

(iv) Electricity check meter for common area

(v)  All sewerage pipes will be covered/concealed

(v)  Connection cost will be borne by the Developer for the LAND OWNER apartments.


            5.0. Front Elevation


          Ceramic Bricks/Rustics Tiles/Fare face as per Architectural design.